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About OK-Net Arable


OK-Net Arable started in March 2015 and ran until February 2018.

OK-Net Arable was coordinated by IFOAM EU and involves 17 partners from 12 countries all over Europe. The project was financed by Horizon 2020, the EU’s main funding instrument for research and innovation. OK-Net Arable is proud to be one of the first four so-called thematic networks funded under the umbrella of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI).

The complexity of organic farming requires farmers to have a very high level of knowledge and skills. But exchange on organic farming techniques remains limited. OK-Net Arable promotes exchange of knowledge among farmers, farm advisers and scientists with the aim to increase productivity and quality in organic arable cropping all over Europe

OK-Net Arable took a very innovative approach in that in all stages of the project, farmers play a prominent role. Much more than being asked for advice, farmers contributed to a process of co-creation of knowledge throughout the project. This work was facilitated by the participation of  14 farmer innovation groups. 

Knowledge exchange for better farming
Despite substantial growth of organic farming in the EU over the last decade, concerns have been raised whether organic farming is productive enough compared to conventional farming. On the other hand, evidence shows that the more experienced an organic farmer is, the smaller the yield difference with conventional farms. Indeed, organic agriculture works as a complex system which requires a very high level of knowledge. By promoting co-creation and exchange of knowledge, the OK-Net Arable project therefore had significant potential to increase productivity and quality in organic farming.


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